Our story

We came together in Pittsburgh, PA through a mutual love for adventure and nature and now live in San Diego, CA with our nine month old son and two dogs. As we embarked on our latest adventure into parenthood, we found ourselves thinking deeply about how we can live a more meaningful, more impactful, and less wasteful lifestyle. While we began the search for various baby products for our own registry, we were shocked by the lack of availability for safe and healthy choices. It seemed as though the things that could harm us and our planet were more readily available than the ones that were beneficial. With an affinity for natural and handmade goods, we were inspired to make safe and healthy pieces for our little one, and thus, the seeds of Karma Pharma were planted.


our values

Karma Pharma is a small family business that is based on our shared beliefs to protect our environment, be less wasteful and use high quality materials that are safe and healthy for everyone. Our vision is to create a business that we are proud of in every aspect, and we know that means small and ethical production. After all, the better the quality, the less you have to buy, and inevitably, the less you have to waste. All fabric is GOTS certified organic cotton, and all wood is sourced and made in the USA. Aside from the onesies, which are locally screen printed using eco-friendly, water-based ink, we make every piece ourselves.

At Karma Pharma, we strive to provide all natural, organic and ethically made goods for your family because we believe that what goes on your body is just as important as what goes in your body and that health and wellness are the keys to a happiness.


Why Organic Cotton?

The world grows a lot of cotton. In fact, it is estimated that roughly 50% of fiber grown throughout the world is cotton, which has traditionally been grown with a heavy reliance on toxic pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers. These chemicals have an enormous negative impact on our environment and can persist in our soil and water for years. Organic cotton is grown without the use of these dangerous chemicals, so by buying organic cotton products, you are reducing exposure to these chemicals for you and your loved ones.

That’s not all though. We, at Karma Pharma, are also conscious of the larger community that supports our products. In several countries, cotton is still hand picked. This puts those workers in danger of exposure to nasty chemicals that can pose tremendous risks to their health as well as  poison the local environment.

But wait, there is more! Conventional cotton crop growing also uses a great deal of water. Fresh water is a very scarce and precious resource and by reducing the intensive irrigation that conventional cotton growers use, organic cotton growers are able to help preserve local sources of fresh water. The organic cotton growers are also helping to increase soil fertility through natural means and promote biodiversity in the agricultural landscape.

By purchasing organic cotton products, you are helping to send a message to the world that says, “I want to be a part of the solution!” Your purchases help to encourage more farmers to go organic and to start utilizing methods that are not only beneficial for you and I but for the local environment and the health of their workers.

If you would like more information, we suggest you check out aboutorganiccotton.org. Karma Pharma uses GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton fabric for all of our products that are proudly and lovingly made by us in San Diego, CA!